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Popular Round Jewelry Showcase

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Author : Shirley Liang
Update time : 2022-06-23 20:27:59
Jewelry Showcase Manufacturer Update the Newest Project For The Jewelry Showcase

The diameter of this circle is 2316MM, it includes 6 pcs curve jewelry showcase totally , the size of each curve jewelry showcase is 1210X495X1080MM

Jewelry Showcase Manufacturer
The mainly material of this project include golded stainless steel, super white tempered glass, gray pu leather, led pole lights and locks;

The ready products are installed in the workshop, all of our products are use pre-assemble structure for shop, all the super white tempered glass, led pole lights, locks are installed with well,  each jewelry showcase has kept the cable in one of the stailness steel legs

Jewelry Showcase Manufacturer

The led pole lights of this jewelry showcase is warm lights ( 3500K ) ,we could customized from 3500K ~ 6500 K , one key open all pull-out drawers

Jewelry Showcase Manufacturer

The counter top is build with MDF, the sureface is covered by matte gray pu leather,  which looks luxury can be changed if you need after years; 

Jewelry Showcase Manufactu

More details are showing 

We are the Jewelry Showcase Manufacturer, focused on the jewelry showcase for the oversea markets, One-stop Service Custom Made Factory Supply Wholesale High Quality‎ With High Performance Price

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